High School Seniors 

Whether this is your first son or daughter to get theiSenior Photor senior photos taken or your third, it’s never too early to start thinking and planning for your son or daughter’s senior photos. The summer going into their senior year is the best time to do senior photos. The weather is warm and sunny, and this is a great time to get the outdoor photos taken.

There are many different packages that I offer so that you and your child can pick out the best package that expresses their true personality.


You want to bring in outfits for your photos that are going to show off your personality and express the real you. Whether it be casual, dressy, a football uniform, or even a prom dress, bring it with you for your photos. I recommend staying away from any tank top that has the “spaghetti straps.” Layering tank tops like those draws the eye to all the straps, and that is not what you want the focus of the photo to be. Also, avoid any top that would have a pattern considered “loud” or with a “busy” print.

Glass Glare

If you have glasses, I would recommend bringing in another pair of glasses without the lenses in them. This eliminates the glass glare.